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The government has called on Tanzanians to expose all poachers

The government has called on Tanzanians to expose all poachers engaged in killings of wild animals especially elephants whose decimation was on the increase.

The call was given by the Assistant Director in the Wildlife Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Mr. Paul Sarakikya when addressing a press conference at the Information Office (Maelezo) in Dar es Salaam on Friday on activities undertaken by the Tanzania Wildlife Protection Fund (TWPF) established by the government since 1978.

Mr. Sarakikya said without the support of the people from all walks of life, the fight against poachers would not be successful.

“People who live near areas with wild animals, know who the poachers are.  Help us nab these culprits some of whom live among yourselves or come from afar but are assisted by villagers living adjacent to protected areas,” the Assistant Director who is responsible for Anti-poaching pleaded.

Mr. Sarakikya who was speaking on behalf of the Administrative Secretary of the TWPF, a Fund under the Wildlife Division, vis-à-vis increased poaching in the country, said although the government has set a budget of 31bn/- to fight poaching, the fight would only be won if all Tanzanians participated.

“We cannot leave this fight to the 1,200 game wardens alone.  It is a hard task,” Mr. Sarakikya said, adding that this year, about 500 game wardens will be employed to join the fight.  Next year 500 more would be employed,” he noted.

He pointed out that the Wildlife Division would this year purchase 14 vehicles to be used in anti-poaching activities and that in-service training would be undertaken to some Wildlife Division staff on intelligence gathering and court procedure, all aimed at reducing the current trend of poaching.

Mr. Sarakikya explained that some of the major activities of TWPF include supporting anti-poaching and law enforcement, conservation education conducted by Malihai Clubs of Tanzania (MCT), applied research o biodiversity conservation and environmental protection and human resources development.

Purchase of new equipment for anti-poaching activities would be financed by TWPF, he added, noting however, that the Fund needs more donations from animal and biodiversity lovers as there are more applications for monetary support from TWPF than it can handle.

Source: By John Waluye

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